Łącko apples owe their distinctive taste and aroma to the microclimate of the Łącko Basin. The majority of fruit produced in the Łącko region are juicy, crunchy, and fragrant.

The shape of fruit depends on the variation. Their blush is visibly redder and more intense than in apples from other regions.

Thanks to the specific microclimate and terrain, russeting of fruits is relatively small. The majority of orchards are situated on slopes of approx. 15 degrees, which allows for the most favorable average temperature. Those apples have what we call ‘a green, mountain flavor’, which means their taste is more distinctive.

The ‘Łącko apples’ were included in the EU list of geographically protected agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Our offer includes apples and pears of all types, e.g.:

Champion, Jonagored, Jonagold, Idared, Gala, Konferencja, Lukasówka, Bonkreta, and many others.